Sunday, June 24, 2007

Caps Surprise DeSimone, Stay On This Side Of The Pond With All Picks

When the Caps selected Phil DeSimone with the 84th pick yesterday, it caught many by surprise, including DeSimone himself.

DeSimone finished second in the USHL last season and was named the League's most valuable player.

Like the other nine players the Caps selected this weekend, DeSimone is North American-born, which wasn't necessarily coincidental. Last night, Tarik's blog had a quote from GMGM about how the Caps had "enough" Europeans and how if you looked at the last few Cup Champs, they were composed predominantly of North American players. Tarik has since pulled the quote as it was being taking out of context (see the comments).


Tyler said...

Uh, Tarik: Provide the whole context for the quote, don't take it off.

Tyler said...

Speaking of the Post: They dole out hockey coverage with an eyedropper, but they dump ink on track and field and such? Yawn.

JR said...

Maybe it's taboo to say it but it's true, you can't be too heavily European in the NHL.