Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bolts Continue To Stockpile Mediocrity To Surround The Triplets

The Caps aren't the only Southeast Division team bringing a former NHLer who has been playing overseas back for another shot in the world's best league - the Lightning have signed Jan Hlavac to a one year deal.

Anyone want to take a guess at how this is going to turn out?

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b.orr4 said...

This is what happens when more than half of your budget is tied up in three players and a back-up goalie. Feaster did a masterful job in building the Bolts into Stanley Cup champions. Now he's doing an equally horrendous job in driving the franchise into the ground. The team's farm system is among the worst in the league, but instead of trying to build through the draft, he trades away his only pick in the first two rounds for an underachieving Gratton. And now he signs an over-the-hill European. I guess there's a lot of pressure on him to keep the team competitive, but I doubt these moves are going to help.