Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who's The Man?

Over at The FanHouse, I've identified the one player who, more than anyone else, will determine the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals. Agree? Disagree?

As for a prediction, I've been lousy at these so far (picking Ottawa and Tampa in the first round and Jersey in the second), but I guess I've got to go on record, so I'll take... Buffalo in seven.


dave@etd said...

yeah, last night the slugs couldn't give him anything, though - Miller can pretty much win a cup for a team but not with a performance featurung about 3 dozen give-aways.

The Sabres can't shut down a team defensivly (Miller can, but the Buf D gave the defence-first Rangers piles of scoring chances)

And the Sens D is just better than the Buf D.

I'll stand by my email from last night - Sens in 6

Rickey Henderson said...

Disagree. But overall, Rickey digs your fine blog.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

I actually think Emery's performance is more important. We know Miller's going to show up every game. Emery's been more of a question mark up until this playoff year.