Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday Open Thread

It's your Tuesday open thread, so feel free to discuss anything and everything from the hockey world and beyond.

Was Martin Brodeur run over on the game-winning goal last night? Which former-Cap-turned-Superman will dominate tonight's Rangers/Sabres game? Is this the most unintentionally funny video in the history of music?


kb said...

Jagr, likely.

JP said...

Imagine the flop Hasek would have executed if he'd gotten nicked/tripped/run like Brodeur did.

chanuck said...

Hasek Flop, visualize fish out of water.

Still think that goalies should be protected inside the crease, but more leeway outside.

B_Washington said...

I thought the bump Brodeur was given was pretty small, and really not worth a penalty. I also thought he had recovered in time to set himself, and it wasn't as big a factor in the goal as the Vs. guys were making it.

I also thought it was a pretty justifiable non-call considering Brodeur should have been called for a trip on Mike Comrie earlier in the game. now THAT was a missed call.

Marky Narc said...

The rocking has been bought. Thank you, JP.

CasonBlog said...

Drummer in a cutoff foosball t-shirt. Bassist hit in the face repeatedly with a golf shoe to get that "weathered" look. Just about the ugliest band of the 1980's...Classic.

I do like the 38 Special video with Bruce's ex. better.

Hockey Amor said...

Why aren't we getting more coverage about Ovechkin at the World Championships from Washcaps.com?