Friday, May 04, 2007

Rink Essay Contest

In 50 words or fewer of commenty goodness, answer the following question (best answer gets published here):

If the guy pictured below is a hockey fan, who's his favorite team and why?

Bonus: How many things can you find that are just plain wrong in the picture (I think I can find at least four in the mullet alone)?


Snktimoniuz said...

Golden tresses like Helen of yore. You grasp the handbag that launched a thousand ships in stern defense of your jean-shorted pulchritude. You are our cherished devotee, and we Los Angeles Kings have at long last found our Queen.

B_Washington said...

You're not going to like it...But this man's favorite team is the Washington Capitals. Why? you ask.

Easy, Rapunzel here has to like the best German hockey player who ever lived... Olaf Kolzig.

"Brian Engblom thinks I'm sexy"

Aldo said...

The tan, the shorts and the rolled sleeves scream north Florida. This guy's a Tampa fan.

dave@etd said...

Fools, it's a trick. The young lady pictured is a frequenter of both Nassau Colleseum and nearby Runyon's Saloon where several of her 44As are affixed to the ceiling.

TG said...

Well, one problem is how's he going to take a picture with those miniature figures hanging off the camera right in front the lens?

Superfan # 99 said...

Well, considering he's sporting a gift bag from Safe Craft ( and they are a "Motor Sports" company, I'm going to go with a Carolina Hurricanes fan, but only if they're winning. A close second if the N. Florida take.

And the number of things wrong in this photo are almost hard to determine, because they're all so hideously and perfectly stereotypical!

The 'Business in front, party in the back' cut of the mullet, but perhaps also a hint of Military background as well, because of the flat top? The rolled up t-shirt, the too tight J'orts (Jean Shorts, if you will.) The celly, holstered and clipped to the J'orts, because the pockets of the J'orts are too tight to put the celly in. The pinkish hue of exposed skin, as if facing East all day at an NHRA event. I can only imagine that if we saw a full body shot, he's be sporting some steel-toed boots, with athletic socks.

I'll stop there, but you get where I'm going with this.

"Hurricane Warning!!!!!"