Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Thousand Down, Many More To Go

Lost (until now) in the flurry of posts yesterday was the fact that the David Perron note was the 1,000th post here at The Rink.

Thanks to everyone for reading and participating in this little community and here's hoping the next thousand are as much fun (with a lot more winning mixed in).



1) Congrats on your 1000th!! Keep up the good work! Amazing how time/posts fly by when you're havin' fun!

JP said...

Thanks, Faux. Btw, I saw you mentioned on The Maven's blog - well done.

Oh, and here's a question for you - if you had reservations for five people at the best restaurant in town, who would you invite to join you and fill out the table?

Kevin said...

Congratulations on post no. 1,000. Now get off your ass and get back to work.