Thursday, May 31, 2007

'Hawks Narrow It Down To Three Players

According to the CP, the Chicago Blackhawks, owners of the first pick in next month's draft, have narrowed the potential candidates for that pick to three: Kyle Turris, Patrick Kane and James van Riemsdyk.

"Those are the three guys we're looking at," confirmed GM Dale Tallon.

I'm a bit surprised to see JVR on their radar, but add Jakub Voracek and Alexei Cherepanov (and top-rated blueliner Karl Alzner) to that trio and it's pretty clear that if the Caps do use their first pick (fifth overall), they're going to get a very talented and highly respected player.

UPDATE: The Philly Inquirer says the 'Hawks are "leaning toward" Kane and the Flyers are most interested in Turris, as they want a center.



1) Seems odd that GM Dale Tallon would pit his cards on the table like this. There is NO consensus #1 overall so by stating his 'top 3' potential choices he may be limiting his trade flexibility
2) If for instance the Hawks are set on Kane but don't tell anyone and the Flyers want Turris, Philly may part with another pick/prospect to jump over Chicago to get the guy they want.
3) Ofcourse Tallon could be blowing smoke in order to get another team to bite at a trade. That's what makes this time of year interesting

JP said...

I think your third point is more likely - if someone has a lot of interest in one of the three and is panicked by the prospect of the Hawks taking him, Tallon may be INCREASING the trade value of the pick by adding a couple of names that he has no intention of considering anyway.

For example, if the 'Yotes want JVR but are convinced that the Hawks and Flyers are taking Turris and Kane, they sit back and get their guy. But if they think the Hawks might take him, they may offer something to move up and make sure they get their guy.