Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get To Know: Angelo Esposito

At the Mid-Term, Quebec Remparts center Angelo Esposito was the CBS's #1 ranked North American Skater. He slipped to eighth in the Final Rankings, but I wouldn't expect him to be available for too long on draft day. Read more about Esposito over at the FanHouse.



1) Amazing how fast some of these guys go from a can't miss, top 1-2 prospect to a late first/2nd rounder!
2) Many times the 'consensus' top guy gets over scrutinized and nit-picked so his stock inevitably falls. Ofcourse some of the negative written about Espo are ominous. "lacks consistency... needs to do better in traffic..."
3) That said, there has to be a good reason the kid was so highly touted less than 6 months ago. Do the Caps grab him or take another 'safer' pick at 5?

JP said...

If the Caps pick at #5, Espo would be a reach, imo. There are safer guys with similar upsides.

That said, Espo's situation reminds me of what happened to Kessel last year. I wouldn't let him fall too far, but I don't see him as a Top-5 guy right now (of course, that could change with a strong combine).