Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rink Road Trip

A bit impulsively, Ken and I have decided to head up I-95 and take in tonight's Sens/Devils game (Jersey's inability to sell out is our gain). If you're going to be at the game, drop us an email (Japers dot Rink at gmail dot com) with a cell number and we'll buy you a beer.




DCSportsChick said...

Now I'm hearing whines from a certain Chanuck because he wanted to do the same thing.

Have a great time! Be sure to report back on just how nonexistent the crowd is!

Superfan #99 said...

And you saw a beauty of a game too, my friend!

Langenbrunner with the winner!!!!

Shayne said...

superfan #99 - You beat me to it!!! Go Devils

Sherry said...

Hope you guys had a great time at the game. HG and I had a great time yelling at the television with plenty of pictures to send you from our playoff seats on the couch.

JP said...

At the end of regulation, I get a text from my buddy Dunzy -

"Looks like you and ken picked a good game, eh?"
"Yeah, not bad. I'll be happier when the devs win (Langenbrunner)."

I rule.

kb said...

As painful as it is to admit, JP is not fibbing: he did get a text message from his buddy.

Thanks to the colorful fans at the tailgate and in CAA. Pics are en route.

Superfan #99 said...


Sorry, Shayne! The Devils are my boys, so I was all over that one.

1-1 and Marty's new equiptment is working better than expected!

Shayne said...

superfan #99 - Been a Devils fan as long as I can remember, which goes back to before they made the playoffs for the first time.

Langenbrunner's goal was the big one, but how about Sarge scoring with .2 seconds left in the period.

This team just doesn't panic, and is comforatble & confident playing tight games.

JP said...

Speaking of that goal, Bryan Murray is whining for a change:

"Ottawa coach Bryan Murray, who argued with on-ice officials after the goal, said it was verified on video that the timekeeper started the clock about 0.7 of a second late, so the period should have ended before the puck went in.

"'We knew the clock didn't start - that's why I called the ref,' said Murray. 'We shouldn't be worrying about times and people of that nature any more with the technology we have.'"

Shayne said...

Just sour grapes.

It's funny how people react to time questions at the end of a game or period. Everyone makes a big deal about getting the time exact, and the losers always complain if the time keeping is not exact,but no one cares if three extra seconds ticked off the clock 1/2 way through the period because the time keeper stopped paying attention. It seems to me that for every delay in starting the clock, there's probably roughly the same length delay in stopping it after a whistle, making the whole thing even out. The only way to make it completely fair is to have someone checking the clock after every stop/start.

But then again, the Devils won, so I'm not bitter about the subject right now.