Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Playoff Previews At The FanHouse

Our team of bloggers over at the NHL FanHouse has previewed each first round series and the two Conferences on the whole. Check 'em out:

Eastern Conference Preview: Eric McErlain
Sabres (1) vs. New York Islanders (8): Tom Luongo
Devils (2) vs. Lightning (7): J.P.
Thrashers (3) vs. New York Rangers (6): Tom Luongo
Senators (4) vs. Penguins (5): J.P.

Western Conference Preview
: Eric McErlain
Red Wings (1) vs Flames (8): Jes Golbez
Ducks (2) vs. Wild (7): James Mirtle
Canucks (3) vs. Stars (6): Jes Golbez
Predators (4) vs. Sharks (5): James Mirtle


Rage said...

Lottery at 12PM. I guess NHL.com for updates? TSN.ca?

JP said...

TSN.ca, I'd think.

By my math, the Caps have an 10.7% chance at jumping up to #1, 66.7% shot at holding at #4 and 22.6% chance of dropping to #5. Those are, I believe, the only spots in which they can end up.

And where'd Smooty go?

Rage said...

Smoot's still there, in my heart. But I don't update my blog much anymore, so there's not much reason to link to it.

I've been thinking about creating a new blog about being a DC sports fan (since that's what I like writing about), but displaced in NYC (since that's where I'm currently stuck). We'll see if that ever happens though.

JP said...

Hawks win the lottery, bumping the Caps down to the #5 pick. Confirmation and analysis to follow.


1) Sucks for Philly! They have their worst team ever and they still don't win the lottery! Oh well.
2) Ofcourse as we hate rewarding losing we like the outcome in that regard.
3) Sucks for the Caps but in all likelyhood picking 4th or 5th probably won't change who they'll end up chosing


1) Like every other blog today we have our own playoff predictions: http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2007/04/playoff-predictions-east.html#links
2) We'll have our West predictions out tomorrow.