Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pens' Role Players Rolling Over

Where did all the Pens' secondary scoring go? Evgeni Malkin's disappearing act has been well-documented (personally, I'm looking forward to the Where's Geno? series of children's books), but Pittsburgh has gotten absolutely nothing from their over-20/under-40-year-old forwards all series.

Luckily for Ottawa, the Penguins have never come back to win a series after falling behind 3-1 to a team from a country's capital city.*

* Statistic may be slightly less than 100% accurate.


chanuck said...

So far loving this series, but as a true Caps fan at heart, I have guarded optimism.

Go Sens!

ken berard said...

Check back in about two hours, chanuck. There's a picture going up that I think you'll appreciate.


1) It would have been way too much to expect a team comprised of teen agers to win in the playoffs
2) That said, we're sure they'd prefer to lose in the first round and get some experience under their belts than to sit out the post season entirely.
3) Cap fans should be wary of taking shots at Malkin etc. for not putting up any numbers until they see AO and co. produce in the post season. Must be all those Cup banners at the Verizon clouding their objectivity?

JP said...

Faux, seriously, quit trolling. Taking shots at Malkin and AO's prospective postseason production have absolutely nothing to do with one another.


1) Sorry if our post wasn't pro-Caps, but we'd hardly call it 'trolling'.
2) The post was entirely appropriate as was the Caps/Pitt AO/Malkin comparison since this IS a Caps blog and a shot was taken at Malkin/Pitt.
3) For the record we'd have reacted (and have) in a like manner on Pitt blogs if a gratuitous anti Caps post was made.

JP said...

The original post has nothing to do with Ovechkin or the Caps, it has to do with facts and opinions on a star player's playoff performance. Ask Pens fans if they're disappointed with Malkin's play through four games and come back when you can differentiate between valid opinion and potshots.


1) A bit sensitive today it appears. Again, as this is a CAPS blog, a post about a rival team invites a comparison of that team to the Caps.
2) We believe that when Cap fans take shots at another team's playoff performance they invite folks to evaluate their own teams performance.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect jp, i think youre a little (or way) off base here when referring to malkin as secondary scoring. Theyre losing because aside from crosby and staal, their BEST, not secondary players, are letting them down. And i love it

JP said...

I'm not referring to Malkin as secondary scoring (at least not intentionally - my FanHouse post makes that a bit more clear).

But while they've little from Malkin (and Recchi), they've gotten zippy from Malone, Ouellet, Christensen, Armstrong, Talbot, Ruutu, Ekman, etc., etc. Those guys aren't big scorers, but total their regular season numbers and their role players chip in around three goals every four games, if not more. To have zero so far through four games is significant.

While Malkin's lack of production is getting the attention, the lack of anyone other than Crosby, Staal and Roberts contributing anything is worth mention.

Ari said...

The Pens have been comeback kids all season - that plus the little fact of their history against the other NHL team in a seat of national government and the Sens' legacy of playoff disappointment leads me to believe that this series is all...far from over.

Though I do hope the Sens pound the crap out of Sid & Co on Thursday and send them all to the golf course.

Rage said...

JP, call me a homer, but I'm with you.


Joe said...

These pen trolls are exactly the reason that I'm hoping they get pushed out with the next game. Go Sens!!