Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pens Fans, They're Just Like Us

They complain about their blueliners and offer horrendous ideas at improving the situation:

dz: [Josef] Melichar and [Rob] Scuderi have been brutal. Any [Joel] Kwiatkowski sightings? They say he is not physical but we need a guy to get the puck quickly to the forwards and he could jump in the play more.

Joe Starkey: Not a terrible idea. Don't know if it'll happen. [Michel] Therrien likes to keep lineup moves secret until last moment


Joe said...

Mother of God!!! If they are counting on Joel Kiwi to save them, their playoffs are done. :-) Maybe they can do a quick signing of Jason Doig while they are at it.

Sonia said...

in all honesty, i fully support the idea of putting joel kwiatkowski out there to save the penguins.

Joe said...

I'd like to offer the penguins Bryan Muir and Ivan Majesky, if they can find him.