Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Roundup/Gamenight: Bolts @ Caps

[SeSo Open Thread]

Today's a crazy day for me, winding up with a root canal this afternoon and the Caps/Lightning tonight, depending on how I'm feeling (even money as to which will be more painful to endure). That's just a long-winded way of saying this is your Thursday Open Thread and don't expect much more from me today.

Daily Awards
  • Hart: Ray Emery (27-save shutout win)
  • Ross: Steve Bernier, Jason Spezza, Kimmo Timonen (2 points each)
  • Norris: Robyn Regehr (G, +1)
  • Vezina: Ray Emery (see above)
  • Richard: Ten players tied with 1G each
  • Calder: Alexander Radulov (G, 4 SOG, 2 hits)
  • Aiken: Cory Stillman (0 points, 0 SOG, -2 in 2-0 loss)


Rage said...

Wow, talk about a soft goal.

Combined with the Wideman Boyes post, this is becoming a cornucopia of red-light information!

cd said...

JP, tell us the truth. These aren't cavities with which you're dealing, are they? Has your lovely bride be smacking you around again?

"I swear, Dr. Teeth, I tripped and fell down the stairs. Again."

JP said...

Sorry, Rage - had to delete the pr0n spam. I know your avatar is upset.

And CD - I didn't go to Dr. Teeth, but saw his associates, the Electric Mayhem.

cd said...

Can you picture that?

Anonymous said...

JP: Hope your procedure went well. Had I known what lay in store at The Booth of Phone tonight, I would have happily and willingly taken your spot in the Tooth Man's chair. A root canal whilst listening to the stylings of Abba sounds appealing to me about now.