Friday, March 30, 2007

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

A quick housekeeping note: as of today, in addition to keeping The Rink up and running, I'm also blogging over at the brand spankin' new NHL FanHouse with an incredible group of bloggers including James Mirtle, Eric McErlain (of Off Wing Opinion), Tom Luongo (of Sabre Rattling), Jes Gölbez (of Hockey Rants) and Tyler Dellow (of mc79hockey).

So bookmark the FanHouse (and/or just my contributions thereto) and check it often - with that group of bloggers and the backing of AOL behind us, it's going to be big.


Anonymous said...

The Brashear interview is worth viewing for the nice shots of Semin in the towel. OMG.

Gary said...

Huzzah to you on the new high-profile blog, JP.

cd said...

How much money could JP have saved if he simply got an English degree?

B_Washington said...

Congrats JP, that's like the blogger's equivalent to being on the Simpson's.

The NBA Fanhouse has gotten a lot of really good reviews and is considered one of the best sports blogs on the web... you guys have a lot to live up to now.... but I know you guys are up to the task