Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ode To AO

Larry Wigge gets in the Valentine's Day spirit with this article on praising the Caps' big gun, complete with quotes from current and former players. Apparently Alex Ovechkin is "Pavel Bure in Mark Messier's body," "the face of the future" (whatever that means), "a combination of Mike Bossy's scoring ability and Mark Messier's power, with a bit of Kenny Linseman's speed thrown in," and "like the shark in Jaws," all at once.

But you knew all that already, didn't you?


El Mojito said...

I can't read enough breathless AO gush from the NHL.

What a source.

It would be like me writing a review of my boss for the company news letter.

Rage said...

Question: is there a "can't miss" prospect in this draft like there have been in previous drafts? AO, Crosby, Malkin, Nash/Lehtonen, Kovalchuk, etc.

All but two of those guys were #1 picks, but still. Is there that kind of talent in this draft? Or are we going to be rewarded with Alexander Daigle?

JP said...

There's certainly nothing of that level talent, but there are definite future NHL stars out there.

I wonder if the Caps would think about moving their 1st this year for a proven NHL player from a team that's earlier in its rebuild. At some point, stockpiling picks and prospects becomes significantly less useful.

Anonymous said...

very nice idea jp, hadnt really thought about that, but with the caps recent freefall their first round pick probably looks more and more enticing to other teams and somehow less so to the caps themselves. throw in a prospect/youngster or two and we've got a #1-2 defenseman or center. how about #1 pick+sutherby/laich+klepis/flash/pokoluck. sounds good to me, hell give em all 5 (heres to hopin)