Sunday, February 25, 2007

Market Price Update: Dainius Zubrus

The St. Louis Blues have traded Keith Tkachuk to Atlanta for Glen Metropolit, 1st and 3rd round picks in 2007 and a 2nd round pick in 2008.

Tkachuk, a natural wing who plays quite a bit of center (evidence by the 678 faceoffs he's taken this year), is on pace for 27 goals and 31 assists this season.

Dainius Zubrus, a natural wing who plays quite a bit more center (evidence by the 1085 faceoffs he's taken this year), is on pace for 27 goals and 44 assists.

The haul that St. Louis got for Tkachuk (and Metro is worthless, I know) should be encouraging for Caps fans hoping to maximize the return on Zubie, no?


capitalpunishment said...

is there any chance we get anything near that kind of value...

i love comparing it like that but Zuby aint no donut-boy so i highly doubt we can get half of that value

but i like to dream :-)

JP said...

No, Zubrus is not Tkachuk. But he does some things that KT doesn't.

Vogel nailed it re: Tkachuk -

"Will be 35 in a month. Cap hit would be twice that of Zubrus the rest of the way. Is he twice the player Zubrus is at this stage of both their careers? Will he produce twice as much as Zubrus the rest of the way? Tkachuk is a “name” player. That might fetch the Blues a bit of a higher price than it should."

More than a direct comparison, the Tkachuk trade just shows that it's a seller's market.

And there's a much better chance that the acquiring team could re-sign Zubrus than Tkachuk, who is all but certain to return to St. Loo in the offseason, so that makes Zubie more attractive on that front.

Anonymous said...

If I had any faith, ANY faith whatsoever, in the Caps ability to draft, I might be heartened by the potential return on Zubrus. You nailed it in another posting: the Caps probably need NHL ready/near ready players.