Thursday, January 04, 2007

World Juniors Finals: Canada Vs. Russia

Remember these two crazy kids? What ever became of them anyway? In any event, a new wave of Canadian and Russian youth will duke it out for the gold for all to see (or not) tomorrow from Sweden. Caps fans will watch (or not) with particular interest as their putative goalie of the distant future, Semen Varlamov, will try to lead his underdog Russian squad to victory over Jonathan Toews, Carey Price and the Canucks. I, for one, will be hitting refresh on some website with all the anti-Canadian gusto I can muster, and I'm sure you will be too (or not).


Anonymous said...

go Canada!

capsfan100 said...

The last couple of years, the NHL Center Ice package has included the World Jr's Championship game, a nice little bonus. My DVR will have it for a while, if you're in Denver anytime soon...

Canada - Known for team work, toughness, and some of the greatest players ever.

Russia - Known for Mafia problems, finesse, huge rinks, and some of the softest players to ever play the game. ("Softest" in deference to any ladies who may enjoy this site too.)

Seriously, before Ovechkin burst on the scene, could you name 3 Russians you respected? (AO obviously NOT a soft player...)

"Oh Canada..."