Thursday, January 25, 2007

Post-All-Star Game Open Thread

Thank god that's over and done with and we can return to the sprint to the playoffs that lies ahead. I did want to take a second, however, to acknowledge how nice it was of Martin St. Louis and special guest Eric Perrin (that's them on the left) to greet Alex Ovechkin as he took to the ice last night:

If you've got any thoughts on last night's "game," let's hear 'em.


showtyme21 said...

As much as everyone has something negative to say about the game, I personally thought it was fun. This league and it's current fans have an inferiority complex. Why do we always have to jump on all the negatives of every aspect of the NHL. While I think there is much to be improved, I choose to enjoy the games for what they are...entertainment. I do enjoy reading all the comments that come from these blogs, but I believe that there should be more focus on the positives of the league, especially during an event which is there to try and promote the league...and yet, everyone had to focus on the fact that to the die-hard hockey fan, this game is a snooze fest. That may very well be, but you can't tell me that the very notion of an all-star game doesn't at least attract a few new fans that wouldn't have watched Columbus and Florida play.

Fauxrumors said...

1) Sorry 'Showtime, but the All-star game in our opinion illustrates what is wrong/missing from the game today.
2) The game last night, and the New NHL by and large is emotionless. Last night there was oodles of scoring and very little else. No hitting and no emotion what so ever
3) We can discuss (we did in today's FAUXRUMORS blog) how that can be changed in the regular season, but also perhaps something can/should be done to get the All Star game more interesting?
4) They tried to make it a North America-Vs The World a few years back. That temporarily helped, but it got old fast. Maybe something to give the players some incentive to want to win might help? Not sure what that could be, but anything would be an improvement!

Anonymous said...

It's an exhibition. There should be nothing attached as "meaning" to the game. Does anything ever come out of these discussions in any sport? With the exception of the awful "This Time It Counts" crap that MLB gave us? Blech.

What's the alternative? Someone getting boarded in the All-Star game and having them miss a large chunk of time during the playoff push?

Fauxrumors said...

1) So 'anonymous', the option is either have someone hurt by an illegal check or have the Ice Capades like last night? No in between is possible?
2) At least there is some meaning the MLB game. It isn't much, but its not meaningless. There was no NHL All Star game last year. Anyone notice/care?