Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jesus H. Christ, Part II

Here's some more brilliant hockey reporting from the MSM. According to the WaPo (not Tarik or even in the Sports section, for that matter):

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, presumably in town to watch his team beat the Washington Capitals yesterday, toasted the New Year at Morton's steakhouse on Connecticut Avenue, the restaurant's publicist Linda Roth tells us.

Gretzky, part owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, arrived at Morton's around 9 p.m. with a party of 18.
Presumably Wayne enjoyed watching the game from behind the Coyotes bench.

(H/t to Kukla's)


Anonymous said...

Kevin Greenstein sez:

The slumping Coyotes should look to move either Keith Tkachuk or Teppo Numminen for young players that could pay big dividends down the road. And could it hurt to bring Team Canada honcho Wayne Gretzky into the Phoenix front office? Sources close to hockey's "Great One" say he has privately expressed interest in pursuing a job as an NHL bench boss.

JP said...


Greenstein is getting pummeled daily at The Rink.

Stormbringer said...


Well, well, well...I guess we now know where Roenick got the bright idea to take in one of his team's games at a restaurant instead of the bench or press box...

Don said...

i echo ur sentiment...JESUS H CHRIST!!!