Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Hockey Day In Canada

Happy Hockey Day In Canada, eh? The Rink won't be publishing anything more today (and may miss tomorrow too), but be sure to head over to the SeSo Open Thread before for tonight's match-up with the Panthers to make your voice heard.


Anonymous said...

HOw are you watching your Hockey Day in Canada?

I have the Center Ice package and there is NOTHING.


Gustafsson said...

We had nothing at the OFB compound either, and JP was kind enough to swing by with Mrs. JP for hockey merriment. We did have the games after the NBC slate.

Thanks for stopping by JP... and Happy Belated Birthday!

JP said...

Right back at you. I must say that the OFB boys are a particularly handsome group of gentlemen, and Gus's hospitality made a day that included that Florida whoopin' a great one.

I look forward to returning the favor and hosting you all once my basement is done.