Monday, December 18, 2006

Have A Coke And A Smile Goal

Caps WaPo beat writer and fellow blogger Tarik el-Bashir notes what we've all been watching for the past couple of weeks, namely that - amazing as it seems - Alex Ovechkin seems to have found another gear. Quoth Tarik:
As one person who watches him regularly said today, "It's like he's got rocket fuel in his skates" in recent weeks. Another person said he's playing with greater "intensity and determination" than the first two months of the season.
El-Bashir teases us with his thoughts on AO's recent explosion ("I've got my theories on why we've seen such a sharp uptick in his level of play and I'll share them in tomorrow's paper"), but perhaps it's just a good ol' caffeine kick:

Incidentally, Coke should lock the kid up to do endorsements, especially in Mother Russia - he could probably sell ice to Eskimos.

[Ed. note: Am I shilling for Coca-Cola now too?]


Anonymous said...

1) Have to agree, AO's been playing on another level entirely the last month or so. Not coincidentally the team has been as well!

Anonymous said...

Maybe his belches are so nasty that the opponents avoid him.

JP said...

That's not a nice thing to say about Faux.

Anonymous said...

1) Many readers/new to the site may not understand that reference.
2) They may want to reference previous posts where we had a disagreement on subject matter.

Anonymous said...

To anyone going to the game on Friday,

We're trying to get as many people in attendance wearing dark mirrored sunglasses (or dark tinted) as possible to taunt Martin Brodeur and support Ovy, since Brodeur's whining is what lead to Ovy not being able to wear the robocop visor anymore. for more information, visit the team boards ( or visit my blog, bettman hates hockey!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I hope he's drinking a ton of water if he's also slamming Cokes during games. Coke is about the worst thing you can drink while playing sports.