Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Roundup/Gamenight: Sens @ Caps

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It's somewhat fitting that on the day before we throw the bums out go to the polls to vote, your nation's Capitals are visited by their counterparts from the north. The Sens come in having played inconsistently to date and look like a team still trying to find its identity - the skill has never been in doubt, but the heart continues to be very much in question, especially from a couple of those more-skilled players. We'll see which Ottawa team shows up at the VC on Monday night.

I'll have more of a preview later. Or I won't.

Caps/Sens Flashback of the Day:

Remember this?
Earlier Saturday morning, Chretien and Clinton took time for the Canadian leader to make good on a bet over who would win the Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators National Hockey League playoff series.

The morning after the Capitals eliminated the Senators from the series, Clinton presented Chretien with a Capitals' jersey. Chretien put it on for reporters -- a condition of the bet -- and joked in French it was embarrassing to don the jersey of the American team.

Clinton accepted a Senators' jersey from Chretien, and the two leaders exchanged hockey sticks autographed by their respective teams.

I don't know which I miss more - competence Clinton in the White House or the Caps winning a playoff series.

Daily Awards
  • Southeast Division Player of the Day: N/A
  • Hart: Daniel Briere (2G, including OT game-winner, A, +2, 5 SOG)
  • Ross: Jaromir Jagr, Daniel Briere (3 points each)
  • Norris: Toni Lydman (A, +1, 4 hits, 3 blocked shots)
  • Vezina: Martin Biron (W, 26 saves on 29 shots against)
  • Richard: Daniel Briere (2G)
  • Calder: Drew Stafford (A, +1)
  • Aiken: Aaron Ward (-3, 1 SOG)


jmol2112 said...

Yeah the Clinton flash back caused a food up chuck here. Geez, can't that turd, who was totally inept as president, just shut up already?
At least the elder Bush shows class and dignity in retirement, staying quiet even when his own son is being viscously attacked by those idiots on the left.
You'd think the guy who was largely responsible for the North Korean mess, as well as 9-11 would quietly go into history as The philander-in-chief that he was!

JP said...


Dave C. said...

is it hard to type with webbed fingers?

Anonymous said...

Great! "Caps Nut" is posting about politics to his blog and telling people to base their vote on what will piss off the media. Nice advice, buddy. Way to think things through. Let's convince people to vote for this year's NHL MVP based on what will piss off the media too. Stupid.

JP said...

How dare he? You'd almost think it was his blog on which he was expressing his opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Caps Nut stick to sports. Or maybe some of the political bloggers could some up with the occasional Caps post in exchange for Caps Nut's endorsement of George Allen. That be a good trade, right. He blogs a little politics and then they blog a little about the Caps.

JP said...

Ha. No doubt.

I'd love to see Talking Points Memo break down the Caps PP.