Thursday, November 16, 2006

Friday Roundup/Gamenight: 'Canes @ Caps

[SeSo Open Thread]

The good news heading into tonight's big game is that Richard Zednik and Dainius Zubrus are probable and Chris Clark is possible (questionable). The bad news is that "probable" and "questionable" don't mean "definite." Without even one or two of the three, the lineup will have to be juggled a bit. If Clark is out and the Killer Z's (hey, I just made that up and hate it already!) play, I'd imagine Zednik would play in Clark's place on the first line, which he was doing late in games in which the Caps were trailing before he got hurt. If Zubie is a no-go, I'd imagine Kris Beech (remember him?) gets a sweater. Bottom line: as KB put it, Sunday can't come fast enough for the team.

I've posted some more thoughts on tonight's game over at SeSo. And don't forget to stop by the Open Thread over there and make your voice heard (I haven't seen too many of you folks posting over there - any reason?).

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks (and Beyond):
  • As Caps Nut points out, George Michael (no, not that one), is retiring from NBC4. Bad news for rodeo fans, great news for fans of the ├╝ber-cute Lindsay Czarniak.
  • I'm no 'Canes fan, but if they wore these sweaters, I might have to pick myself up an Erik Cole (don't believe me? Read the comments).
  • "The Long and Winding Road" is almost enough to make me hate Paul McCartney. "Let It Be" prevents me from doing so.
Daily Awards
  • Hart: Olli Jokinen (3G, +3, 8 SOG)
  • Ross: Olli Jokinen, Nathan Horton, Steve Sullivan, Mikko Koivu, J.P. Dumont, Ales Hemsky, Mike Richards (3 points each)
  • Norris: M.-A. Bergeron (G, A, +1)
  • Vezina: Tim Thomas (W, 24 saves on 25 shots againt)
  • Richard: Olli Jokinen (3G)
  • Calder: Phil Kessel (G)
  • Aiken: Manny Fernandez (5 goals allowed on 20 shots against in 33:39 of work)


Netsy said...

What have you got against "The Long And Winding Road"? I like that song, especially when stripped of the Phil Spector orchestral trappings. And it's a great one to break out at a piano in the presence of a young woman or two. The ladies love that sensitive stuff. Fun to sing, too. McCartney songs always have terrific melodies for singing.

JP said...

The "Let It Be... Naked" version is tolerable, but the original album version would be too soft for a dentist's office elevator.

That said, if it helps you score with the dames, by all means rock it. Personally, though, give me a Lennon tune like "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "In My Life" or "Across The Universe" any day - I prefer tunes that can get two-legged ladies.

Tyler said...

Don't forget tonight's undercard: D. Brashear v. M. Gleason.

JP said...

You mean T. Gleason (unless M. Gleason is one of the 'Cane daddies that's along for the trip and will be fighting his boy's battle).

Tyler said...

LOL oh yeah sorry. M(at) Gleason is an art writer pal o'mine in LA.