Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Roundup: You Can't Spell "Da Caps" Without D.C.

Caps Quick Hits

The WaPo laments the Caps' power-play woes (hey, it could be worse - see Flames, Calgary) and reports on visits to Caps' practice from outer space and to Rico Fata's face from Ben Clymer's fists (sadly, the scrap was stopped before Clymer could inflict much damage). The WTimes takes time to proclaim that Alex Ovechkin is not hurt. Really. He's not. There must be some other reason he's not hitting anyone and isn't playing with the explosive first step to which we've all become accustomed.

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

  • Puckhead's Thoughts discusses an open letter from Ted Leonsis to Caps' fans on how to get more D.C. fannies in the seats at the Verizon Center. The only thing I'd add to his suggestions (win more games, get an African-American star on the team, etc.) is to give away more tickets. Fill-up your tank at an Exxon in D.C.? Get a ticket. Spend $500 at a downtown Safeway? Take your family to a game. Buy a 40 oz. at Capitol Hill Liquor? Ok, maybe not. Point being, I've hardly ever met anyone who's ever been to a hockey game that doesn't love it. The trick, of course, is getting them there in the first place. The larger point, though, is that the disposable income of people living within the city limits is obviously much less than that of their suburban counterparts. I wonder what the season-ticketholder breakdown for the Wizards looks like. In a sport that's far more popular in the inner city than hockey, I'd bet the STH breakdown looks alot more like that of the Caps than you'd think.

Daily Awards

  • Hart: Justin Williams (3G, including game-winner, A, +2, 2 hits)
  • Ross: Justin Williams (4 points)
  • Norris: Sami Salo (GWG, +1, 4 SOG, led team in shifts in 2-1 win)
  • Vezina: Cam Ward (W, 34 saves on 35 shots against)
  • Richard: Justin Williams (3 G)
  • Calder: Travis Zajac (G, +1)
  • Aiken: Marc Denis (L, 4 goals allowed on 19 shots against in just 2 periods of action)


Tyler said...

"the disposable income of people living within the city limits is obviously much less than that of their suburban counterparts."

Uh, it is? Tell that to much of NW DC....

JP said...

Of course there are bucks in Northwest, but the median household income in every county adjacent to D.C. is much higher than that within city limits.

And it's also simply a function of population - if you look at the DC metro area, the overall population is somewhat aligned with the STH breakdown (just counting the counties that border DC, MD has a population of nearly 1.7 million, VA is 1.1 and change and DC's population is only 572,000. Throw in Loudon and Prince William Counties and VA's representation is even stronger).

I'd love to see the breakdown of the percentage of people working in DC who actually live in the city. My guess is that's it's similar to the Caps' STH breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Good news for the future: Nicklas Backstrom Games 10 G 4 A 9 Pts 13 PIM 10 +/- 5

WFY said...

A recent USA Today snapshot said 411,000 commuters enter the District everyday, increasing the daytime population by 72%.

Marc said...

"African-Canadian," you mean. :)

JP said...

Hey, I'll take an African-African if he can put the biscuit in the basket.