Friday, October 20, 2006

***Special Announcement***

As I alluded to the other day in my Jerry-Maguire-without-the-cute-kid-dropping-the-F-bomb rant the other day, there's something new in the blogosphere from Japers' Rink. And from CasonBlog. And from Do Thrashers Have Large Talons? And from Embrace the Dull. And from some dude named Rick. What is it, you ask?

It's, and to find out what it's all about, go here. CasonBlog also has a good synopsis/intro here. As he puts it:
Our sole goal - to build a big tent and generate buzz amongst the rabid and swelling ranks of fans in hockey's final frontier - The American Southeast.
The site is in its infancy and will certainly be evolving, and all comments and criticisms of the site, the concept and anything else to do with it are encouraged (via comments there or here or directly in an email to me if you prefer).

As Caps fans, your participation will be critical in making "SeSo" work but more importantly in showing the rest of the hockey blogosphere how strong the Caps' fan base truly is. So check it out early and often, especially during intra-divisional games (where open threads will become smack-filled forums for real fans), and don't forget about The Rink - I'll still be here, and with this shot in the arm, I'm diggin' it all even more.


Anonymous said...

Dude that SeSo site needs a RSS feed that works. In this day and age if you dont have a RSS feed im not going to check out the site. The feed it has is crap, doesnt work with SharpReader.


Anonymous said...

It works in Bloglines (which is what I use) using this: ( Any idea why it wouldn't work in SharpReader?

CD said...

The links to the open game threads aren't exactly intuative. i pushed the picture link before figuring out i had to do the JP Started This button. You might also want to raise the font size a bit as the links are a bit hard to read. Conceptually, though, i dig it. Everything about the inclusion of the Mo part, of course.

CD said...

"Everything EXCEPT the inclusion of the Mo..."

Or is that what they refer to as supressed emotions?

Roger said...

It works for me with sharpreader version 0.9.6. If you are using a version earlier than that, you dont have support for atom.