Friday, September 15, 2006

Hockey's Future: Capitals Training Camp Preview

Hockey's Future has a preview of Caps Training Camp up. Check it out.


CD said...

That's not a preview. THIS is a preview.

In a world gone mad, the fate of all humanity was placed in the hands of a group of men (cue explosion) who had to learn about themselves (cue car scene) before they could make a difference (cue kiss scene). Coming this 2006/07 NHL Season, Alex Ovechkin (close up), Olie Kolzig (close up) and a little Semin (close up) embark on, "The Quest for a Cup."

Fat Loui said...

Here's some footage of the cap's camp on Sunday:

JP said...

Great stuff - I saw the video on the Caps message board earlier today and was planning to give it its own post tonight.

The season's so close I can taste the mediocre Chinese food and warm beer.