Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Caps Sign Laing

The Caps today announced that they have signed left wing Quintin Laing. Needless to say, terms of the deal were not disclosed. Enjoy Hershey, Q!

On a related note, why couldn't this have happened last Friday, when the Panthers reached an agreement with their new goalie so I could have had a post titled "Auld, Laing Sign"?


Iffy said...

Not being a follower of the Caps, how deep is the Left Side behind AO? In the post you welcomed Laing to Hershey. What position do you think he would sit on the depth chart?

an interested bystander

JP said...

I've got my take on the Caps' depth chart in a pinned post towards the top right on the main page. Check that out, but basically the Caps are deeper at LW than they are anywhere else, with Semin, Pettinger and Brashear behind AO at the NHL level, forcing AHL-stud Tomas Fleischmann over to the RW.