Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Are You Not Entertained?

I didn't see it mentioned elsewhere so I thought I'd do so here - kudos to Zdeno Chara for not unleashing the haymaker he had loaded up in the picture above. Chara beat Vinny Lecavalier down handily, was in total control of the scrap and mercifully spared Lecavalier a potentially dangerous blow to the melon, a reminder that the game was being played at the St. Pete Times Forum and not the Coliseum.

Smarts and toughness (and a Gordie Howe Hat Trick) will always earn you praise at The Rink. Well done, Z.


Garrett said...

Kudos for Chara not unleashing on a player that is down, and then backing off once the ref stepped in. I am not a big fan of Chara, but after seeing that I do have maybe an inch more of respect for him. And Fraser did the right thing by interfering right away and actually putting his hand under Lecavalier protecting his exposed head from banging on the ice. It was a veteran move on Fraser's part to realize that a player was down and keeping the game from becoming a goon fest.

JP said...

I agree completely, but at least one person disagrees. That person? The ever intelligent Don Cherry, who had this to say:

"(Lecavalier) doesn’t want to go with this big monster, but (Chara) keeps staring at him and he has no choice. He’s got to go because he’s been embarrassed. Then, when it’s over, (Chara) is holding his hand up like he’s a big hero."