Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Roundup: The Czarina Of Turin-a

Ah, the dreaded 'tweener. The day without a game to recap or preview. Luckily for the Caps-loving world, Dave Fay isn't resting on his laurels and has penned (typed? dictated?) a nice piece on Olie Kolzig who stands one win away from 250 for his career. Should he reach that milestone this weekend, he'll only be 301 wins behind Patrick Roy. Still, 250 wins is an incredible number and deserves high praise, so congrats to Olie in advance.

Speaking of Olie, check out this picture of him circa 1991. He looks like a white Donald Faison with a mullet (thanks TARobeck for the pointer).

Lastly, there's a profile of Chris Bourque currently up at It's nothing that's going to get Caps fans too excited, but it is likely a valid assesment of where one of the team's top prospects stands.

Elsewhere 'round the rinks (and beyond):
  • Good news for Lindsay Czarniak fans (I can't be the only one): it looks like she'll be a Sports Desk reporter for NBC's Olympic coverage. Not only that, she's blogging while she's over there as well. Kudos to NBC for recognizing talent when they see it.
  • James Mirtle has a good recap of the Tocchet Scandal: Day 3, for those of you who can't get enough.
  • On this day in 1907 Hall of Famer Aubrey Victor "Dit" Clapper was born. I obviously never saw the late Clapper play, but I always thought that his name sounded a bit like a venereal disease, as in, "I was in Bangkok not too long ago and came back with a nasty case of Dit Clapper. But it wasn't nearly as bad as when I went to Spring Break in Rio and got Darius Kasparaitis."
  • Other former NHLers celebrating a birthday: Chris Nilan (48), former Cap Neil Sheehy (46) and "Moose" Goheen (112, but very much dead).
  • Detroit outshot the Predators 28-9 through the first two periods (including 20-2 in the second period) of last night's game and outscored them 4-0 en route to a 6-0 win. Think the Wings were upset after getting swept in back-to-back home games two weeks ago? The ball's in your court, Nashville, as the home-and-home heads to Music City for a Thursday night matchup.
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Note: There will be no Roundup on Friday or Saturday (and possibly). I'm heading up to NYC for tomorrow night's Rangers/Leafs game at MSG and will be hitting the Devils/Isles at the Meadowlands on the way back Saturday (and possibly the Caps/Pens Saturday night). Full updates upon my return. Have a great weekend - the last weekend of NHL hockey for three weeks.

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