Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jose Theodore's Performance-Enhanced Hair

For years I have been a big fan of Montreal goaltender Jose Theodore, so this is a difficult story about which to write. It seems that Jose's accomplishments haven't been achieved through hard-work and God's gifts as one would hope, but that he has, in fact, been using a supplement.

The word came down today that Theodore tested positive for an agent used to mask anabolic steroids. The masking agent in question? Propecia. That's right, the hair restoration drug.

I think it's safe to say that Theodore's beauty will forever more have an asterisk next to it, if not officially, at least in the minds of his fans.

Or, should I say, his former fans.


CD said...

That's why i never bothered with that stuff. i didn't want it to hurt my sports career.

CasonBlog said...

Just wait till all that new hair growth starts showing up on your back Jose-you'll rue the day then!

Spe said...

I feel bad for the guy. If he's vain enough to take the stuff we shouldn't have a right to that information.