Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Roundup/Sens 3, Caps 1

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Four two-man advantages (the shortest of which was 46 seconds) totalling 3 minutes, 57 seconds of 5-on-3 hockey and just one goal to show for it. Friends, that's how you fail to take advantage of an opportunity to beat the best team in hockey. Not much more needs to be said, though the WaPo and the WTimes do of course expound on the game a bit.

In other NHL news:
  • The Devils have waived Alexander Mogilny. With 12 goals and 13 assists in 34 games, many around DC's hockey world are clamoring for the Caps to pick him up. Let me be among the minority to disagree with that notion. Besides a ridiculous contract (Mogilny is due nearly $2 million this year and $3.5 million next year), the guy has a wonky back, is notoriously lazy and pouts when things aren't going his way. He is exactly what this Caps team is not about. Think about which Caps veteran forward acquisitions have worked out positively so far (Ben Clymer, Chris Clark, Matt Bradley) and which have not (Andrew Cassels, Jeff Friesen) and ask yourself, in which set would Mogilny better fit?
  • From the "I Thought So" file, back on December 13, The Rink posted this blurb:
    Eric Lindros has his first injury of the year, a torn ligament in his wrist that has left him listed as day-to-day. Does that sound a bit optimistic to anyone else?
    Having not played a game since then, it seems now that the E-Train might need surgery that could sideline him the rest of the year. You see, like the esteemable Dr. Frist, we at The Rink can make diagnoses from afar much more accurately than any attending physician possibly could. Perhaps I missed my true calling.
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Shayne said...

Another one bites the dust. Malakov, McGillis, Mogilny - all off season free agent signings, all off of the active roster. Lou made some mistakes this off season, and the standings show it. Now he has 3.5 million off the books this year and next year to acquire a strong PP point, which was their obvious weakness.

JP said...

Has Rafalski disappointed in that he wasn't able to step in and be that PP QB?

cd said...

i think Rafalski disappointed most in the swimsuit competition.

Shayne said...

So far, yes. With the Devils futility on the PP, it's hard to evaluate any of their players, other than to say they they all sucked the first 1/2 of the season. By the end of the season he'll be ok. He'll get better with the addition of Elias. Like all good assist men (except for those named Mario and Wayne), they need a good scorer to pass to. I think he'll be ok with Elias back, but I would love to see a d-man with a booming shot manning the point. I also expect gomez's game to pick up, and Gionta's goal scoring to drop off a little, if for no other reason than Elias will take some of his scoring chances.