Sunday, January 08, 2006

Armenia Falls To 0-4 With 28-3 Loss

With a loss Sunday to Turkey, the Armenian under-20 men's national hockey team (first chronicled here) has lost all four of its round-robin games, and fell to dead last in its pool. So how bad did it get for Armenia after its 50-0 loss to Iceland? Actually, it got better. But not much.

Against Bulgaria, the Armenians lost 21-2. Against Lithuania, Armenia lost 47-1 (and was outshot - are you ready for this - 124-5). And finally against Turkey the Armenians lost 28-3 in front of a crowd of just 620. Ready for some totals? Of course you are:
  • Armenia's goal differential was -140 over the four games.
  • Fortunately for them, only 2,921 total fans saw the games (unfortunately for them, there's an internet).
  • Armenian goalie Harutyun Baluyan played all sixty minutes of all four games, facing 409 shots on goal and making 263 saves (for a .643 save percentage).
  • Armenia fired 46 shots in the four games, thereby being outshot by an average of about 102 to 12 over the four games.
  • Armenian forward Aram Simonyan had a plus/minus rating of minus-86 in four games.
So remember, Caps fans, as bad as it gets, it could be worse... we could be Armenian hockey fans.

[Note: for some reason the links in this post only seem to work in IE. Oh internet, why must you confound me so?]


Spe said...

Fortunately for Armenian hockey fans, Jack Kevorkian is also Armenian.

cd said...

Do they have ice in Armenia? Is that the problem?

d-lee said...

I use firefox, and the links work just fine. :)

Anonymous said...

You can also point out a positive thing:

The most impressing player must be Edvard Nazaryan...
+1 in a team with goal difference 6-146 :)

JP said...

After a 50-0 loss in the first game, anything short of a 200-0 goal differential is a positive thing. But cheers to Mr. Nazaryan for having a better +/- than Mathieu Biron.