Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Roundup/Penguins 7, Capitals 1

[Box Score - Recap]

The Caps gave up 14 goals in their last two preseason games. There were valuable lessons in each game from which a young team can learn, especially in Saturday night's loss in which the Caps blew 4-0 and 5-1 leads. Let's hope the squad went to school.

Here's the WaPo's coverage of last night's game and the cuts that need to be made before Wednesday's game. The WTimes covers largely the same ground.

Sunday's End-o'-Preseason Scoreboard:


Garrett said...

I think the Penguins were beyond show-boating last night agianst the Caps, that could not play it's best lines because of the 3 game rule (NHL players can not play 3 games in 3 nights). The Pens wanted the score to be 10-1 or even 15-1, playing their best lines against a team that was not whole. Just to raise some eybrows and make Crosby look good (which I would take Ovechkin any day of the week over Crosby). I just want everyone to know that 1) that was not the best the Caps have to offer on Sunday night, and 2) it's preseason and none of this counts (except Japers' wise comments). I am excited about this team, the offensive explosion of the Caps will be this season's savior.

JP said...

I love the optimism - keep it up. And if Sid's so great, why could he only muster up one assist in a blowout of a largely AHL team?