Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Roundup: Postcards From Camp

From down the road in Piney Orchard, the WaPo has a stirring article on how career third- and fourth-liners Ben Clymer, Chris Clark and Matt Bradley jumped at the chance to sign with the Caps because it would present them with "increases in ice-time and responsibility." Translation: in D.C. even a plumber can find himself on a scoring line. Interesting note at the tail-end of the article that defenseman Ivan Majesky failed his team physical, a blow to an already terrible defense.

The WaPo also has a throw away Kornheiser article (can you call three real paragraphs an article?) expressing the obvious sentiments regarding Brendan Witt's trade request, only it took Tony over a month to take the four minutes to write the blurb.

The WTimes has a profile of perennial Caps blueline prospect Nolan Yonkman who is finally healthy, though we know (and sort of hope) it won't last long. After all, this is a guy who is not only a danger to himself, but to others as well, as he broke Michael Nylander's leg in training camp two years ago.

Others news and notes from around the League:
  • Thrashers camp opened yesterday with Peter Bondra (and without Ilya Kovalchuk) in attendance.
  • Former Bruins defenseman Don Sweeney is retiring, ending a 1,000+ game career. Bon voyage.


Joe said...

Tony Kornheiser is a total waste of oxygen. I hate listening to him about any sport, let alone when he finally lowers himself to talk about hockey or the caps. I can sum up his comments that he makes about the caps every year at the end of the season in two sentences:

1) The caps didn't win the cup
2) The caps suck because of #1

I generally think Kornheiser would do better if he shut up, watched (or god forbid participated in) some sports, and then formed an intelligent thought.

JP said...

You could take what TK knows about hockey, put it in a thimble and still have room for all of his remaining hair. Not that you would. That'd be kinda gross.