Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Roundup: Tarik, What Do You Think Of Ryan's New Haircut?

Four days into camp and already the WaPo's Tarik El-Bashir is getting tired of covering the team. Instead of what journalists would call an "article," El-Bashir turned in a four-blurb compilation with a couple of quotes from Andy Cassels on wearing a visor and from J.F. Fortin on how the team's defense finally stinks enough for his unmotivated butt to possibly get some ice-time. Oh, and defenseman Steve Eminger took a couple of shifts at center to "see things from a forward's point of view." Tarik must've been busy watching The O.C. last night. The WTimes does no better today, covering almost exactly the same ground.

Tonight is preseason Game #1, at Carolina. Fans can tune in to to listen.

Elsewhere around the League:
  • Apparently the Bolts aren't pleased with the young defensemen they have competing for the open sixth spot on the blueline. J.F. Fortin has a chance to land a spot in the Caps' top defensive pairing and the Lightning are whining that they can't find a decent back-end blueliner. We feel John Tortorella's pain. Really.
  • This, from the "I Just Threw Up In My Mouth" file.

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Joe said...

Ok, the crosby article has pushed me over the edge. I mean, its one thing for the media to get excited about hockey. That has to be positive, right? Especially since the owners/players tried to kill the sport. But the media gushing over a guy that hasn't played an NHL game yet is making me more than ill. I'm not saying he's not good with the potential to be great, but this is beyond crazy. Maybe we should just engrave his name on the cup and move on.

Also, are the washington papers just sending one guy out to write a story, then using some sort of program to just shuffle the words around? ;-)