Thursday, August 18, 2005

NHL, Comcast Reach Deal

Wow. Play one game outside in 75 years and suddenly you draw interest from the Outdoor Life Network. The Associated Press is reporting that the NHL and Comcast have reached a deal to televise the NHL on OLN for at least the next two years.

One can only hope it leads to more outdoor games like November, 2003's Heritage Classic. How cool would it be if every Thanksgiving or Christmas one of the Original Six hosted a game in a local (or semi-local) football stadium? Picture it now - after feasting on turkey, you sit down on the couch to watch the Leafs and Red Wings live from The Big House. This must happen.

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JP said...

I'll use this space to make a desperate plea to Comcast/OLN that they'll never see: As you fill out your own roster of broadcasters for your NHL coverage PLEASE do not try to get John Buccigross. Even if he volunteers to work for free or for Starbursts or whatever that jackass likes. Please. Just say "no" to Bucci.