Monday, July 25, 2005

And They're Off!


"The summer rush begins today as the compliance buy-out period officially begins. All 30 teams also have the chance to negotiate and sign their 2003 draftees, extend qualifying offers and negotiate with their own restricted and unrestricted free agents.

"The deadline for exercising club or player options for 2005-2006, signing 2003 draftees and making the required bona fide offers is Thursday, while the deadline for buyouts is 5pm et/2pm pt on Friday."

You might want to bookmark's Team-By-Team Tracker and Daily Transaction Log to keep current on the latest roster moves. Of course, we'll also note the significant transactions here at the Rink.

Let the mayhem begin!



Spe said...

It's a large pain in the ass but, in addition to bolding, have you thought about linking each player name to their stats page? And have you given any thought about how access to this page might impact your superior PHL information advantage?

JP said...

It's not that large a pain in the ass at all, actually. I'll hook it up. Which player profile - Internet Hockey DB? I'll task you with determining which is best, Spe.

As for my PHL info advantage, I've held back a couple of key sites (notice most of the info here is not fantasy-specific). More importantly, my PHL advantage has less to do with information than with strategy and other intangibles.

JP said...

I've linked Amonte and LeClair to their player profiles on If you think another site does a better job with player profiles, let me know and I'll use that site.

BULLSEYE said...

Go Panthers!